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# Gallery Materials Period
1. Archaeology Stone 3rd Century B.C. to 13th Century A.D.
2. Armoury Iron steel, animal skin 3rd Century B.C. to 13th Century A.D.
3. Manuscripts Palmleaf, Kumbhi barkbhurja, balakala (Bakala)birch bark, ivory old paper & bamboo leaf 15th Century A.D. to 20th Century A.D. Abhinabha Geetagovinda 1493
4. Bronze Bronze 8th Century A.D. to 19th Century A.D.
5. Painting Patta Contemporary
6. Art & Craft Wood, ivory golden, brass, horn, terracotta, textile, lacquer, mate, cowdung, soap stone, cane, & bamboo silver.  
7. Anthropology Stone, copper, bronze, iron, gold, silver, brass bell metal, aluminium, horn, leaf, wood, grass, cowrie, libre, bronze, clay, gourd, leather, tribal musical instruments. 50,000 B.C. to 20th Century A.D.
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