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Coin Gallery

Coin Details Of Jharkhand...

The State Museum, Ranchi has a rich collection of the ancient, medieval and modern Indian coins, gold , silver, copper etc. Besides these, there is a representative collection of foreign coinage. State Museum also has Puranas that are the earliest money coined in India . They were in Circulation during the centuries long before the beginning of the Christian era. Sanskrit writers such as Manu and Panini. And the Buddhist Jataka stories have made mention of these coins.
An interesting feature of these coins is that they bear neither date nor any name of kings. We only find a Number of symbols punched on the face of these coins. The symbols found on these coins are religious, mythological or astronomical in character. The punch-marked coins were in circulation in Northern India up to the Christian era. In Southern India they continued to be in use for three more centuries.

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